Crysis Designs – Rinnegan Slurper Set

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Crysis Designs – Rinnegan Slurper Set x 1

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Crysis Designs – Rinnegan Slurper Set

1 x 20mm Marble
1 x 12mm Marble
1 x 18mm x 8mm Pill
1 x 8mm  Terp Pearl
1 x 7mm  Terp Pearl
Rinnegan Design
Blue Colour
100% Borosilicate Glass
For use with Quartz Bangers & Terp Slurpers

Crysis Designs – Rinnegan Slurper Set is hand blown by the world renowned Crysis Designs. This 5 piece Rinnegan Slurper Set has been designed to be compatible with most popular types of Terp Slurpers.  It is built from extremely durable high-quality Borosilicate glass, these Terp Slurper Sets have amazing Blue colours and function. The Terp Slurper Set is specially constructed to maximise the surface area the concentrate comes in contact with, allowing for a faster and more efficient evaporation.

Dimensions are approximates and not exact. Do not heat inserts.


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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions17 × 8 × 23 cm

Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black


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