Elc Glass – Worry Stone Spinner Cap (Green CFL)

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Elc Glass – Worry Stone Spinner Cap (Green CFL) x 1

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Elc Glass – Worry Stone Spinner Cap (Green CFL)
Signature Worry Stone Design
Spinner Carb Cap
Green CFL Colour
For use with Bucket Bangers
Hand made original Piece
US Made

Introducing the Elc Glass Worry Stone Spinner Cap in Green CFL, a captivating and functional accessory for your dab rig. This carb cap combines innovative design with exceptional craftsmanship to enhance your dabbing experience.

Design and Features

The Worry Stone Spinner Cap is meticulously crafted from high-quality glass, ensuring durability and longevity. Its unique design features a worry stone shape, allowing you to comfortably grip and spin the cap while enjoying your concentrates. The mesmerizing Green CFL colour adds an enchanting touch to your glass setup.

Enhanced Airflow and Vaporisation

This carb cap is specifically designed to optimise airflow and vaporisation. By placing the cap over your nail or banger, it creates a seal that restricts airflow, allowing for lower temperature dabs and more efficient vaporisation. The spinner feature enhances the distribution of heat, ensuring even heating throughout your concentrate.

Easy to Use

Using the Elc Glass Worry Stone is effortless. Simply place the cap on your heated nail or banger, and watch as it locks in the heat and intensifies the flavour of your concentrates. The worry stone shape provides a comfortable grip and allows for easy spinning, enhancing your overall dabbing experience.

Versatile Compatibility

This carb cap is designed to fit most standard-sized nails and bangers, making it a versatile accessory for any dab rig setup. The Elc Glass Worry Stone Spinner Cap is compatible with most bucket style bangers.

Elevate Your Dabbing Experience

The Worry Stone Spinner Cap in Green CFL is not only a functional accessory but also a beautiful work of art. Its captivating design and superior functionality will elevate your dabbing experience to new heights. Enhance the flavour, improve vaporisation, and enjoy the smoothness of your concentrates like never before with this exceptional carb cap.


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