Enail – 710 Coils Peli Nail (25mm)

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Enail – 710 Coils Peli Nail (25mm) x 1



Enail – 710 Coils Peli Nail (25mm)

Disorderly Conduction x 710 Coils
Enail Controller
Axial Coil (25mm)
Compatible with 25mm Quartz Bucket Bangers

Enail – 710 Coils Peli Nail (25mm) is a complete Enail kit with a specially designed for use with 25mm Quartz Bangers.
It consists of a high-quality plug-and-play smart PID controller with a LED screen. The controller is professionally built and is available in a range of colours. 710 Coil x Disorderly Conduction Collaboration batch.
Enail will heat from room temperature to its max of 700℃ (Approx. 1300℉) within 1 – 2 minutes, with hardly any temperature overshot. The 25mm coil is rated as 150W under 110VAC and comes with an extra-long 5 foot cable with a heavy duty black Kevlar sleeve.



Range of Colours

LED screen

Coil Heater with Kevlar sheath (Extra Long 1.5m / 5 feet)

Resistance Wire: Ni Cr 80-20

Insulation Material: MgO

Thermocouple: K type

Maximum Coil Temperature: 700°C

Die Electrical Strength: 800V A/C

Wattage Tolerance: + 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)

Resistance Tolerance: + 10% (+ 5% Available Upon Request)

Coil Length: + 1mm


Enail – Complete Set (20mm) includes:

• 1 x E-nail Controller Box
• 1 x 25mm Heating Coil
• 1 x Axial Coil Clip
• 1 x Power Cord


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Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions17 × 8 × 23 cm

Pink/Orange, White


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