Jam Solo Glass – Drinking Glass #2

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Jam Solo Glass – Drinking Glass #2 x 1

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Jam Solo Glass – Drinking Glass #2
Drinking Glass
Brown & Clear Colour
4 Inch Height (approx)
Borosilicate Glass
Hand made in the UK

The Jam Solo Glass – Drinking Glass #2 is a high-quality, stylish, and functional drinking glass designed to enhance your experience with every sip. Crafted with precision and care, this glass is perfect for enjoying a wide variety of beverages, including water, juice, and your favourite beverages.

  1. Sturdy Construction: The  Drinking Glass is made from high-quality glass, ensuring durability and long-lasting use. Its sturdy construction makes it resistant to chips and cracks, ensuring that your glass remains in excellent condition for a long time.
  2. Elegant Design: The Drinking Glass features a sleek and modern design that will complement any décor. Its simple, yet sophisticated, appearance is perfect for both casual and formal settings, making it an ideal choice for any occasion.
  3. Versatile Use: This drinking glass is designed to accommodate a wide variety of beverages, from water and juice to your favourite cocktails and spirits. Its versatility ensures that the Drinking Glass is a valuable addition to any household.
  4. Easy to Clean: The Drinking Glass is dishwasher safe, making it easy to maintain and clean. Its smooth surface ensures that it is simple to remove any residue or stains, ensuring that your glass remains spotless and ready for use.
  5. Affordable Pricing: Despite its high-quality construction and elegant design, the Drinking Glass #2 is available at an affordable price point, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers.


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