Leisure Glass – Incycler (Clear)

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Leisure Glass – Incycler (Clear)
Signature Incycler Design
Clear Colour
Incycler Function
10mm Female
90 Degree
7 Inch Height (approx)
Borosilicate Glass
Original Hand Made Piece
Made in USA

The Leisure Glass – Incycler (Clear) is a high-quality dab rig designed to enhance your smoking experience. Crafted by Leisure Glass, a renowned brand in the industry, this incycler rig offers exceptional functionality and aesthetic appeal. Perfect for both beginners and experienced smokers, the Incycler delivers smooth hits and ensures maximum flavour retention.

Superior Design and Construction

The Incycler boasts a sleek and modern design that will impress any glass enthusiast. It is made from premium borosilicate glass, known for its durability and heat resistance. The clear glass construction allows you to witness the filtration process as the smoke travels through the rig, adding an element of visual enjoyment to your smoking sessions.

Efficient Filtration System

Equipped with an advanced incycler design, this dab rig provides excellent filtration for a clean and smooth smoking experience. The incycler mechanism works by recycling the water used during each hit, ensuring optimal filtration while minimising splashback. This innovative feature eliminates the need for constant water changes, making it convenient and hassle-free to use.

Optimal Airflow and Vapor Production

The Incycler is designed with precision-cut slits and percolators that create optimal airflow. This results in enhanced vapor production, allowing you to enjoy dense clouds of flavourful vapor with every hit. The combination of efficient filtration and superior airflow ensures a satisfying smoking experience that is smooth on the throat and lungs.

Versatile Compatibility

This dab rig features a 10mm female joint, making it compatible with various accessories and attachments. Whether you prefer using a quartz banger, titanium nail, or ceramic nail, the Incycler can accommodate your preferred setup. Its versatility allows you to customise your smoking experience based on your personal preferences.

Compact and Portable

Measuring at a convenient size, the Incycler is perfect for both home use and travel. Its compact design ensures easy handling and storage, while still delivering impressive performance. Whether you’re enjoying a smoke session alone or with friends, this dab rig offers convenience without compromising on functionality.

In conclusion, the Leisure Glass – Incycler (Clear) is a top-tier dab rig that combines superior design, efficient filtration, optimal airflow, and versatile compatibility.


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