Les Moor – Standing Moorior

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Les Moor – Standing Moorior x 1

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Les Moor – Standing Moorior
Standing Moorior
Clear Colours
Coloured Spray Can
Sand blasted logo
10mm Female
90 Degree
6 Inch Height (approx)
Borosilicate Glass
Original Piece hand made in the USA

Les Moor – Standing Moorior is a stunning piece of functional art designed for the discerning dabbing enthusiast. Handcrafted by the talented glass artist Les Moor, this rig showcases intricate details and expert craftsmanship. The rig features a unique standing moorior design that sets it apart from traditional rigs, making it a standout piece in any collection. It comes in a clear coloured body with a coloured spray can.

Crafted with high-quality borosilicate glass, the “Standing Moorior” offers durability and heat resistance for a superior dabbing experience. The rig’s design incorporates elements of Les Moor’s artistry, blending form and function seamlessly. The ergonomic shape and size make it comfortable to hold and use, while the precision-cut joints ensure a secure connection with accessories.

Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or a collector of fine glass pieces, the Standing Moorior dab rig is sure to impress with its artistic flair and exceptional performance. Elevate your dabbing sessions with this exquisite piece that combines aesthetics with functionality in a single work of art.


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