Loud – Acrylic Bong Water Pipe (#5 Large Green)

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Loud – Acrylic Bong Water Pipe (#5 Large Green)

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Loud – Acrylic Bong Water Pipe (#5 Large Green)
Acrylic Bong Water Pipe
Green Colour
Large Size
22.5 Inch Height
Removable Down stem
Plastic Grip Base

Loud – Acrylic Bong Water Pipe (#5 Large Green) is a fantastic choice for those of you who are looking for BIG, tasty and refreshingly cool hits on a budget.

These bongs are made from thick premium acrylic making them a much sturdier option than cheaper acrylic alternatives. They are also far less likely to break when compared to expensive glass bongs, making them a great option for parties or gatherings with friends.

This bong features a large bubble base that holds plenty of water and a long neck to give your smoke plenty of time to cool down. Furthermore, with the added inclusion of a grip area, users can use the piece with confidence! There is also a small 6mm hole located on the back of the base that enables users to manipulate the airflow.

This item comes included with a sturdy removable rubber base stand and a 9.5cm long metal downstem that is also removable for easy no nonsense cleaning.


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Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions17 × 8 × 23 cm


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