Pop Vac – Vacuum Sealed Glass Jar

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Pop Vac – Vacuum Sealed Glass Jar x 1

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Pop Vac – Vacuum Sealed Glass Jar
4ml Capacity
Black Colour
Stainless Steel Vacuum Disc
Food Grade Gasket & Plug
30mm x 30mm
Hand Made

Pop Vac – Vacuum Sealed Glass Jar is behind these patent-pending child-resistant vacuum jars designed explicitly with the concentrate market in mind. The Pop-Vac Jar forms a vacuum seal inside the container, keeping your concentrates separate from the environment. The vacuum seal inside the container keeps the precious concentrates fresh and safe from oxidising or drying/ losing any moisture. Pop-Vac Jar are designed to work over and over, keeping your organic matter in its pristine intended state for the life cycle of the product.

To use, simply screw the cap on until you hear the audible ‘CLICK’, you can rest assured that your organic matter is perfectly contained in the optimum vacuumed sealed state to make it last. In order to release, unscrew the cap in the opposite direction until you hear the click indicating the vacuum state has been released. The vaccum disk is clearly observable through the cap, providing additional confirmation that the vacuum has either been secured or released.

  • Child Resistant Press & Twist Cap
  • Stainless Steel Vacuum Disk
  • Airtight Food Grade Gasket
  • Durable Food Grade Glass Plug
  • Fits 4-5ml of organic matter
  • All Pop-Vac jars are handmade.


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