Puffco – Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber (Gold)

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Puffco – Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber (Gold)
Gold & Black Colours
78% Larger Bowl
2x Vapour Production
Compatible with Puffco Peak Pro

The Puffco – Peak Pro 3DXL Chamber (Gold) has been an absolute game-changer for the heavyweight dabbers, coming with a 78% larger bowl that allows for 2x vapour production.

The result is much larger rips that hit much harder and leave you with tons less reclaim. Now available in gold, as a special limited edition the Peak Pro 3DXL Gold is sure to turn heads and complete the sophisticated allure that the Puffco Peak Pro brings to the table.

Bigger Dabs

The Peak Pro 3D XL allows for way bigger dabs, though it still handles small dabs perfectly, however now you can have such large dabs that you may need a helping hand.

More Vapour

The vapour production is even better than any other chamber, or other Puffco product, thankfully it still retains all of the flavour.

Rip it Hard

Thanks to the 78% larger bowl larger ceramic bowl which offers drastically increased airflow which enables a new way of hitting the Peak Pro, its function is much like a terp slurper where you can hit the banger as hard as you can, in fact this what Puffco recommends.

More Control

The 3D XL is made with the new Joystick cap which allows for accurate precision-tuned control over the airflow, ensuring that your vapour control. Plus Puffco have added the new XL mode into the vapour control section of the Puffco App which you need to switch on to make sure you experience the 3DXL in all its glory.

Less Spillover

Due to the XL size of the chamber, there is far less reclaim found in the airpath from the bowl to the glass mouthpiece which makes maintenance easier & quicker. All this time saved means more moments to dab!

Peak Pro not included
Requires updated firmware
Compatible with all Peak Pro models
XL Joystick Cap only compatible with 3DXL Chamber
This product is not for use with tobacco, nicotine-containing e-liquids, or any synthetic nicotine or nicotine substitute

Please note, we cannot exchange or replace 3DXL Chambers once they have been opened. Please contact: support@puffco.com


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