Quave Club Bangers x Trevy Metal – Collab Charmer

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Quave Club Bangers x Trevy Metal – Collab Charmer x 1

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Quave Club Bangers x Trevy Metal – Collab Charmer
QCB x Trevy Metal Collab Chamer
100% Quartz
Flat Top
Frosted Joint
10mm Male
90 Degree
Made in USA

Introducing the Quave Club Bangers x Trevy Metal – Collab Charmer, a masterpiece in the world of quartz bangers. This exquisite collaboration between Quave Club Bangers and Trevy Metal is a true charmer that promises to elevate your dabbing experience to new heights.

Crafted with precision and expertise, this charmer features a unique design that ensures optimal vaporization of your concentrates. The Limited Edition Collab Charmer is not just a tool; it’s a work of art that reflects the passion and dedication of its creators.

Made from high-quality materials, this charmer is built to last, offering durability and performance that exceed expectations. Whether you’re a seasoned dabber or just starting your journey, the Collab Charmer is the perfect addition to your collection.

Enhance your dabbing ritual with this exceptional piece from Glassworks710. Elevate your sessions with style and sophistication with the Collab Charmer.

Quave Club Bangers:

Quave Club Bangers is renowned for producing top-tier quartz bangers and accessories that are highly sought after by enthusiasts in the dabbing community. Their commitment to quality and innovation has established them as a trusted name in the industry.

Trevy Metal:

Trevy Metal is an acclaimed glass artist known for his intricate designs and impeccable craftsmanship. Collaborating with Quave Club Bangers on the Collab Charmer, Trevy Metal brings his artistic vision to life, creating a piece that seamlessly blends form and function.


Don’t forget to add a Carb Cap

Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions17 × 8 × 23 cm
Joint Size

10mm Male, 14mm Male


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