The DabX – Go Vapouriser

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The DabX – Go Vapouriser
Portable Oil Vapouriser
Clear Glass
Borosilicate Glass
Wax, Oils & Concentrates
Charge in approx 30 minutes
Height 195mm
Width 68mm

The DabX – Go Vapouriser – Provides a premium vaporising experience every time, from the first dab to the last. So if you’re searching for dab E-rigs that are quick, easy and produce a full-bodied flavour, then DabX has you covered.

DabX designed the GO Vaporizer with novice dabbers in mind. As a result, the electronic rig device provides a straightforward way to enter the dabbing game or elevates a pro’s experience. So, what are the advantages of the DabX Go Vaporizer? First, the DabX GO includes a full-scale water filtration systemallowing a cool, smooth and consistent vaping experience.

Secondly, the DabX team designed the GO to prevent any plastics near the airpath, producing a more pure-flavoured dab. The heated vapour from your extracts travels through ceramic, stainless steel, glass, and water to reach you clean. Therefore, the design stops any plastic or reclaim taste and contamination during your dab session.

The Dabx GO Vaporizer has four intelligent heating profiles, starting at 380-400 Fahrenheit, which is the preferred dabx heat profile, 400-420 Fahrenheit, 420-440 Fahrenheit, and finally, 440-470 Fahrenheit for larger dabs. Once you start the heating cycle with two clicks, the Dabx GO will be at the optimum temperature in 14 seconds. The benefits of the heating profiles are that they conserve your terpenesand generate the highest vapour production. The Dabx Go design allows for perfection in terms of temperature and therefore taste for every dab.

Finally, the device can produce about 100 dabs with a full charge, ideal when you are on the GO and can fully recharge in around 30 minutes. The power cells are also detachable and interchangeable for the ultimate explorer who intends to spend a lot of time off the grid. The Dabx GO has increased the stakes in the E-rig game, being the perfect vaporiser whether you’re a newbie or a dabbing connoisseur.


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Dimensions17 × 8 × 23 cm

Black, Indiglow


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