Trip2 – Cellulose Rolling Papers

Brand: Trip2
Type: Cellulose
Size: King Size
40 Papers Per Pack
24 Packs per Box

Trip2 – Cellulose Rolling Papers are 100% biodegradable, tree free and extra thin. Each pack contains 40 sheets (108mm x 42mm)

Why this special paper is different and better than other clear papers. All clear papers are made from cellulose. What makes our clear paper special is unlike Brazilian clear papers which are made from harsh burning wood fibre, our clear paper is tree-free and made from smooth burning Asiatic Cotton Mallow.

The inherent qualities of this special cellulose means no gum is needed to make it stick. Simply ROLL, LICK and SEAL like you would a normal white rolling paper. Next just light and enjoy your beautiful clear smoke.


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Additional information

Weight0.2 kg
Dimensions13 × 13 × 6 cm
Pack Size

1 Pack, Box of 24


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